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Welcome to the Järvenkylä
Strawberry Farm!

Järvenkylä Maatila has been operating in Sauvo since 1980. Our main production areas are strawberry, asparagus, raspberry and garden pea. In addition to these, we also sell other seasonal products at our sales points. In addition to quality, we want to invest in the purity and taste of our products. Berries and vegetables grow environmentally friendly with solar power, and we invest more and more in self-sufficiency in our energy production. The farm’s own honey is created as a byproduct when the bees pollinate the strawberries. We want to produce clean food, so we have introduced ozone water for irrigation. This natural product supports non-stick berry cultivation and makes cultivation sustainable.

What is our product made of?

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    We favor a self-sufficient economy using renewable energy with the help of solar panels in the greenhouses and packing house.
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    Vegetables and berries are of course grown with a big heart and great professionalism.
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    Nature's own product ozone is an important part of watering farm plants. It supports frost-free berry cultivation and protects plants from pests. Ozone as part of berry growing research is being done together with the University of Turku.
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    The ecological way to pollinate berries is to use bees and they make wonderful honey as a byproduct.
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    Nutrient-rich and clean soil in the actual Finnish archipelago creates the best setting for Järvenkylä Farm's red strawberries and juicy garden asparagus.
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Renewable energy
in greenhouses and
in the packing house

Rich and clean
archipelago soil

With heart and
passion grown food

With ozone water
more inexhaustible
berry growing

Bees as